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   Κωδικός Angostura 1919 
distilled by Angostura Ltd - Trinidad & Tobago 
ngostura 1919 is a reference to a date in the history of the Angostura company when a fire destroyed a large part of the distillery and the aging warehouse. Almost by divine intervention, barrels of rum labeled 1919 were spared and when opened found to be of unusual character. While every rum has a story, to my taste Angostura 1919 is maturing. When first launched, the taste of vanilla was overpowering, but over the past few years, this rum has become more refined in the blending process and when I tasted it a earlier this month a new balance had evolved from its adolescent beginnings. Vanila still dominates the pallete of flavors, but hints of butterscotch, cocoa, toasted oak and tropical fruit can be found in this rum which, according to Angostura, has been aged at least eight years in used American bourbon barrels. The finish approaches the elegance I have come to expect from aged rums. Despite the sweetness of the body, the finish is smooth and long enough to inspire a taste for another sip of this quintessential Trinidad rum. Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. Silver Medal 2008 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition 
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Solera Gran Reserva Especial    Κωδικός Ron Zacapa Centenario XO 
70cl / 40% 
This limited-release Zacapa XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial (in a stylish flat decanter) won Gold in the Super-Premium category at the International Rum Festival for several years after its release in 2000, and was given the Platinum award for the Super-Premium category in 2002.  
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Bottling Note    Κωδικός Presidente Marti 15 Y/O 
Presidente Marti 15 Bottling Note A rather classy rum from the Dominican Republic, created in the style of Cuban rum. It was matured in a Solera, resulting in a well-oaked though pleasantly sweet tipple. Its made by Dominican producers, Oliver & Oliver. 
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   Κωδικός Bacardi Black 
Το BACARDI Black παλαιώνει για περίπου 4 χρόνια ώστε να δημιουργηθεί ένα μεσαίου σώματος ρούμι, με αρώματα από τροπικά φρούτα, βερίκοκα, δαμάσκηνα και μπανάνες. Το τελείωμά του είναι μακρύ με έντονο το άρωμα του ξύλου και νότες από βανίλια. 
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